• Automatically publish available quantities and changes to descriptions, images, categories, pricing, and more.
    • Choose whether or not to publish quantities, or simply set a “low stock” number that will reflect on the website.
    • Optionally consider items in-stock even if quantities fall below zero.
  • Multiple item images per sku, maintained in Counterpoint.
  • Three-dimensional gridded items for both inventory and non-inventory items.
  • Related items to encourage cross-sales.
  • Alternate Units support. Weight and pricing with automatic price conversion.
  • Multi-location inventory processing (on current road map for 2020).

Ecommerce Order Processing

  • Automatic, immediate order capture via API calls.  No importing or text files!
  • Automatic merchant notifications for new orders.
  • Shipping system integration with tracking numbers and customer email notifications.
  • Payment processing via PayPal, Stripe,, and NCR SecurePay (optional).
  • Automatic invoice status updates.
  • Shipping choices with customer-created rate tables and major shipping interfaces.
  • Fully integrated credit card processing (optional).
  • Regional sales and shipping restrictions based on country, state, or zip code.
  • Buy online, pick up in-store (optional).

Ecommerce Customers

  • Automatic customer creation or updates captured into Counterpoint.
  • Returning customer logins.
  • Unified customer history in Counterpoint.
  • Customer-specific pricing.

Ease of Installation

  • Minimal Counterpoint customization required.
  • Utilizes native Counterpoint ecommerce controls.
  • Maps to out-of-the-box Counterpoint data fields while allowing publish of custom columns.
  • Works with current NCR API to ensure current and future Counterpoint compatibility.
  • Designed to be fully maintained by you!  Professional services also available from CPShop.

Advanced Features

  • Kits – sell online using Counterpoint kits.
  • Contract Pricing Integration – use your Counterpoint price rules online.
  • Fully integrated gift cards – sell and redeem gift cards online or in your brick and mortar stores interchangeably.
  • Buy Online – Pickup in Store for multiple locations (single location pickup is included in basic package and does not require additional features).
  • Accounts Receivable – Allow your customers to purchase from the website using their in-house AR account.
  • Credit Cards – Integrated credit cards using NCR Securepay.